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Growing up in New Jersey, I would drive to malls in search of the latest fashion trends. I dreamt about owning a designer wardrobe and shopping at iconic stores like Barneys New York. As a young girl on a tight budget, I had to search out high fashion looks that wouldn’t break the bank. I quickly learned that fashion isn't about the expensive price tag – it’s about owning your style and feeling confident in what you are wearing.

New York City has always been a special source of creative energy and inspiration for my personal style. A city that embraces diversity and individualism, New York style is about standing out in a crowd as much as it is about blending in. One day I had a vision of combining my love for NYC with my passion for fashion, and so began this incredible journey – you could say “I’ve found my nyche!"

I personally select the modern styles for nyche so that you can create a showstopping fashion moment without the expensive price tag.

Believe in your fashion choices. Create a strong look with something as simple as jeans and a white tee. And never be afraid to push the boundaries by wearing something unexpected and fun – there are no rules to creating your fashion story!

You can follow my personal fashion story on Instagram @angelacase_nyc.

I hope you find endless fashion inspiration here!